Chemicals Storing Facilities

Municipality approved dangerous goods storage in free zone and local market

Custom Clearance for Chemicals

Obtaining DG import permanents for all ports in UAE, and approvals from Ministry of Environmental and Water, and Dubai Police.

Hazmat Sample Air Shipping

We provide IATA approved Hazmat sample shipping around the world.

Featured Applications

Green Chemicals

We at Aquaness aspire to becoming a pioneer in adopting and promoting the GREEN CHEMICALS (environmental friendly and biodegradable) – We have several products commercially active in Middle East.

Wellbore Cleaning

Green solvents, replacement to Xylene and Toluene, green and safe asphalthene dissolvents and dispersants


We are working on developing chemicals solutions in collaboration with highly reputed chemicals manufacturers.

We are tailoring a surfactant product for helping in heavy oil COLD recovery and we are very close to the end. Other solutions like Enzyme,Microbiological, polymers etc. are within our reach also.

Micro Emulsion

Surfactant and non emulsifier for stimulation, drilling, frac, water blockage etc.


Complete Acid Diverting System (four components).

Visco Elastic Surfactant : Polymer free surfactant for acid diversion in matrix acidizing.

Acidizing Booster.

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